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Pet Stories:


Jason has been my pet sitter since March 2009. I get very excited when Jason comes to let me out in the backyard. He always talks nicely to me and gives me a treat. I can always rely on Jason to open a fresh can and mix in some dry food just the way I like it.

After I drink my fresh water, I look forward to going out once more for some fun sniffing and romping around in the backyard; then I get Jason's special treatment of sweet talk and petting then I can retire to my pet bed and think about the next time I see Jason.

I would recommend Jason to any dog I know; because he makes me feel like I'm the only dog in the world.


Jason has been my pet walker since April 2009. When Jason met me he noticed how energetic and handsome I am.

I knew he was going to be not only my pet walker but my friend when he grabbed the tennis ball toy and took me to the field for fly ball.

Since that time Jason and I have both improved our skills I can catch the ball in mid air and he has learned to walk me and keep me calm.

When Jason leaves me for the afternoon I am always sure that I have a nice clean water bowl. And my allergy pill so I don't itch or sneeze.

Lunch time is fun time because Jason and I play fly ball!